For twenty years, the World War II Veterans Committee has worked to bring the legacy of the Greatest Generation to later generations. Through its various speaker programs, the Committee has given young people an opportunity to meet some of America’s greatest heroes, and learn first-hand about what it took to achieve victory. The Committee’s comprehensive World War II Curriculum seeks to give high school teachers a valuable tool in teaching the true history of the Second World War.

The curriculum is designed to preserve and document the legacy of the world’s greatest conflict in a way that is simple for teachers and engaging for students. It begins with an overview of European history and the causes for the war, and breaks the subject points into three areas.

  1. Pre-1939
  2. 1939-1945
  3. Post-1945

Wiltz Luxembourg, 101st Engineers leaving the frontlines 14


The curriculum also contains an assortment of campain maps, World War II era photos, periodicals, foreign documents, and military plans to provide primary sources for students.

Austria-photo Eisenhower-dday-message-failure-shot IDcard-photo Map-crop marines PERIODICAL-CROP

American Army Reinforcements at Saipan, June 1944, 111-SC-1

The curriculum also provides the chronology of the war, and detailed lesson plans to help guides students through the conflict’s beginning, the conflict itself, as well as its aftermath and legacy. Over the course of seven days, students will learn through lectures, quizzes, and discussions accompanied by photos and documents for visual aids. The core of the curriculum is divided into seven lesson plans as follows:

With additional supplemental components detailing American participation, students will gain knowledge of the all-encompassing scope of the war and its place in American and world history.

The full curriculum is available here