A video message from James C. Roberts, President of the American Veterans Center on the National Vietnam Veterans Committee initiative. The NVVC is seeking to document the stories and experiences of Vietnam veterans, in an effort to ensure their placement in the pantheon of our nation’s greatest military heroes.

About the National Vietnam Veterans Committee

More than nine million Americans served on active duty during the Vietnam-era, with nearly three million serving in country. Their legacy of valor, honor, and sacrifice is second to none in our country’s history.

Yet, for too long, this noble tradition of sacrifice has been overshadowed by the political legacy of the war. It is time for that to change. As our Vietnam veterans age, it is imperative that their stories be preserved alongside those from the World War II and Korean War generations, and that Americans of all ages are made aware of their outstanding record of service.

The mission of the National Vietnam Veterans Committee will be to work to collect veterans’ stories and experiences, bring attention to their legacy of honor, and help correct the historical record of their service. We invite you to join us on this important mission.

The World War II Veterans Committee and American Veterans Center are projects of the American Studies Center, a 501(c)(3)non-profit educational foundation. Donations made to either organization are tax-deductible.

A Message From Pat Sajak

You might not know this about me, but long before I became the host of Wheel of Fortune, I served in the Army as the morning disc jockey at Armed Forces Radio in Saigon.

Each morning, I roused my fellow soldiers out of bed with shouts of “Gooooood Morning, Vietnam!”

Valor in Vietnam

The National Vietnam Veterans Committee devotes much of its work to honoring the stories of Vietnam veterans through oral history preservation. Dr. J. Phillip “Jack” London is known for his contribution to the success of CACI International, one of the world’s leading organizations working to fuse information technology with defense and security. Prior to his career with CACI, Dr. London served in the U.S. Navy, witnessing crucial moments of the Cold War and in Vietnam.

The Wounded Warrior Experience

Each Veterans Day weekend, the American Veterans Center & NVVC produce a television program for The Pentagon Channel titled “The Wounded Warrior Experience.”

The show spotlights the heroic stories of sacrifice and recovery among our wounded service members, and from the beginning has included Vietnam veterans, who have been at the forefront of ensuring that today’s generation receives the respect and honor they deserve.