Chronology of World War II

This phase led to the development of what became known as the “Cold War”. At the cessation of hostilities in both Europe and Asia there was a rush to claim and occupy the national territories that had been formerly controlled by the Axis powers. Some of these divisions had been previously agreed on while others had not. Additionally, the size and scope of the conflict had never been encountered previously. That led to efforts to punish those responsible for the causative events of the war. Military tribunals were established in both Europe and Asia they were tasked to deal with “Crimes against Humanity” as well as the criminal acts which that took place during the course of the war. Both of these types of tribunals were charged with bringing to justice those individuals who were thought to have been perpetrators. Even today, there is still debate about the legacy these trials have left and the notion of one nation punishing another because it was the vanquished in a conflict.


  • United Nations holds first session in London – 10 January
  • International War Crimes Tribunal Convenes at Tokyo, Japan – 10 April
  • Chinese Nationalists and Communists begin all out civil war – 14 April