On November 6, 2013 Desert Storm veteran, Mr. Cuccurullo, special education teacher in social studies and language arts, Mr. Mason, science teacher, Mr. Wronko, social studies teacher, and Mr. Williams, 5th grade teacher and veteran, along with Mr. Wronko’s students, Michael Witherspoon Jr., Kanasia Taylor, Khiya Mullings, Civinsky Labord, Anthony Michael Hicks, Deyonna Carter, and Kiarra Carpenter had an assembly for veterans from World War II, the Korean War (Forgotten War), and the Vietnam War.
Those veterans were Lou Parisi, World War II veteran, Alfonse Freda, Korean War veteran, and George Reed, Vietnam veteran. The assembly consisted of a video tribute to the veterans of World War One, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam war, Desert Storm, war in Afghanistan, and war in Iraq. The music that was used through the course of the videos were “Over There,” “Battle Hymn of the Republic,” “Fortunate Son,” and “Mama I’m Coming Home.” The video tribute was created by Mr. Cuccurullo.
Besides the music video tribute, Mr. Wronko’s students Michael Witherspoon Jr., Kanasia Taylor, Khiya Mullings, Civinsky Labord, Anthony Michael Hicks, Deyonna Carter, and Kiarra Carpenter along with Mr. Cuccurullo’s and Mr. Mason’s assistance presented power point presentations on World War One, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam war, Desert Storm, war in Afghanistan, and war in Iraq. In addition to each war, Mr. Mason provided background scientific information of the conditions the veterans had to endure for each of the wars. For instance, Mr. Mason provided the following information:
As with everyday life, participants in war need to study the weather. Weather has played a factor in decisions by the military in every war.

Weather has had an impact on key military battles and campaigns throughout history. Military leaders who took weather events and patterns into account before a battle typically fared better than those who ignored them. –

See more at: http://airman.dodlive.mil/2013/02/battlefield-weather/#sthash.70oncdez.dpuf

World War One: Trench foot was a condition many soldiers experienced. It usually was a result of the soldiers standing for long periods of time in water filled trenches. Their feet would get wet and stay wet for hours, resulting in trench foot.
During World War II, weather forecasts played a decisive role in the scheduling of the landing in Normandy (see D-Day). The invasion was initially scheduled for June 5, but an unfavorable weather report anticipated thoroughly nasty seas and winds of up to forty-five miles an hour. A break in the weather on the next day enabled the Allies to land an unanticipated benefit of the bad weather was that it helped the Allies achieve almost complete surprise.
Furthermore, Mr. Williams’ students asked the following guests about their experiences in the wars that they served in. Finally, Mr. Parham, Asbury Park Middle School vice principal and Desert Storm veteran, addressed the crowd explaining why Veterans Day is important and also remembered the loss of John A. Quinlan, the son of the late guidance counselor of Asbury Park Middle School, Kate Quinlan. John A. Quinlan served three tours in Afghanistan fighting the terrorists who caused a fatal blow to the World Trade Center on 9/11.

On an additional note, Mr. White, Asbury Park Middle School language arts teacher, was selected the Veterans of Foreign Wars teacher of the year. Past recipients of the award were, Mr. Wronko, Mr. Williams, Mr. Schneider, and Ms. Hayes.

A thanks goes out to Mr. Gold Farb, head custodian, who set up the seating for the assembly, Lorne Pierce, who made sure the sound system and projector for the power point display worked, Ms. Friedman and her chorus for providing patriotic music, and Mr. Kames, who took pictures of the assembly. .

To keep the spirit of Veterans Day moving here is Khiya Mullings Patriots Pen.

What Patriotism means to me.

I am proud to be a patriot because I am free. With this freedom also comes responsibility. What I mean is that since everyone is free because our brave men and women of the armed forces, than everyone should help each other. For instance, after Hurricane Sandy, I made sure that I helped the victims. I gave away clothes and canned goods.

I am also happy that we have our freedom to do what we want whenever we want because nobody can control us. Being independent is fun and rewarding because when someone is in need you do not have to get permission to help that person.

People like myself can show that they are very patriotic. For instance, people get tattoos of the American Flag to show pride in their country while the students say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning to show the country respect. Besides showing our country respect, we are free in a lot of ways. Everyone can use technology, play video games, and watch movies on a Friday night. However, in some countries you are not allowed to do that. For example, in Cuba you can get in trouble for using technology and get sent to jail for three years if they find a computer inside your house. But not in this country because we have our freedom.

Like I said before you can do anything to show patriotism. You can sing the National Anthem and celebrate black history month. When other countries are in war some of the children see it and get put in war. This is a reason why people sing the national anthem and it makes people emotional because it reminds everyone of all the soldiers who fought for freedom and also trying to bring freedom to others.
You must think about it. We would not be free if it was not for the people who fought for our country. It is interesting to know how soldiers overseas are making our lives good here in America. Because of their service, this makes me into a proud patriot. Every time I think about a patriotism it makes me think about how we should be thankful for everything. Being a patriot is not just being free, it is also being helpful! .

By Khiya Mullings