During a rainy afternoon in Ashbury Park, 5th grade enrichment students, Jaheem Saunders, Osbaldo Rojas, Omar Oseguera, and Tymere Bolden, were very persistent of getting to Brian Boyce’s, also known as Major B, World War II Museum located at the Harold Daley Veterans of Foreign Wars post. These students along with their teacher Mr. Wronko walked through heavy rain to finally reach this destination. Regardless of being soaked, Major Boyce welcomed everyone. After drying off and getting new t-shirts thanks to VFW veteran George Reed, Major Boyce gave the students a very informative tour of the WWII Museum. At this museum, you cannot help but feel as if you were living during WWII because this museum has large scale dioramas, models of fighter jets and tanks, diaries, photographs, books, films, soldier clothing and much more.

While giving this tour, Major B spoke to the students about how the allies, United States and Great Britain, would take down enemy aircraft, the battles of the German Tiger Tank, the battles with the German Bismarck, the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Battle of Carentan, the Battle of Iwo Jima, and much more.  The students enjoyed Major Boyce’s museum and they would like to come back and build some of their own diorams of the many different battles that took place during World War II.